Sindh Police Jobs

Sindh Police under the Government of Sindh aimed to control the law and order situation in the Sindh Province. Sindh Police Jobs announce through Daily Newspapers of Pakistan, and the official website of Sindh Police Our team collects those openings and posts them on IlmiSense for your facility.

Sindh Police hire suitable candidates through different testing services such as Pakistan Testing Service PTS, and Siba Testing Service STS Pakistan. We will publish all the Sindh Police Vacancies from all testing service websites.

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Sindh Police Jobs

Latest Sindh Police Jobs

Eligibility Criteria for Sindh Police Jobs

Candidates who are going to apply for Sindh Police Jobs should read the following criteria otherwise their application will be rejected.

  1. Candidate must have Sindh Domicile.
  2. Height for males should be 5 feet and 5 inches.
  3. The height for females should be 5 feet.
  4. Running 1600 meters in 8 minutes.
  5. The age should be between 18-28 years.
  6. Qualification degrees should be relevant.
  7. No criminal record. A police verification Certificate is required.
  8. The candidate should be medically fit. Disabled persons cannot apply for Sindh Police Jobs.

How to apply for Sindh Police Jobs

There are many ways to apply for Sindh Police Vacancies. For example, if a post is announced through PTS Sindh Police Jobs then you have to apply through PTS’s official website. Sometimes Government announced vacancies through the STS website then you have to apply through the STS official website.